It is certainly no surprise that exercise is directly linked to the health and wellness of ageing adults. In order to keep both mind and body functioning correctly, you must continue to do activities that promote movement in the brain as well as your joints and muscles. There is never a right time to begin to exercise to help get you in shape and keep you in shape. As we age, there are specific exercises that are best suited for certain ages due to the amount of strength and effort that goes into it.

Studies have found that one of the best ways to stay active for seniors is by dancing. Luckily, there are so many options when it comes to dancing depending on the agility of your body. Ballet is one of the best forms of dancing because it works so many parts of the body. Not only does it improve cognitive decline, but it also promotes flexibility and improves posture.

In a research project done in partnership with Queensland University of Technology and Queensland Ballet, they found results directly linked to healthy ageing in seniors. They provided a senior ballet class where they were able to explore the motivations behind older adults taking the class, their overall health and wellbeing, and what precisely the outcomes of participation were.

Along with the overall physical health benefits that are associated with dance, the findings show that an elderly adult’s well-being is heavily influenced as well. The joy that comes with being active and moving your body through dance, making new friends, and being social is a huge benefit to taking an older adult ballet class no matter what level of dance you are at.

Because of the vast amount of benefits associated with dancing, it has proven to be one of the best types of exercise to start doing as an elderly adult. The greatest thing that comes with choosing to incorporate dance into your life is the fact that it can be less strenuous on your joints and muscles, dependent on the style of dance you choose to participate in.

Many adults who don’t exercise regularly may not want to because there are exercises out there that don’t appeal to their particular style. Dancing offers an extensive amount of options based on your skill level, but ballet has always been the fundamental of all dance genres and can reduce the ageing process immensely in elderly adults.